Pizza Night Bundle

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Pizza Night Bundle
Nothing beats a homemade pizza, right?! So, we have the perfect ingredients here in this bundle. It contains:

- Gilchesters Organics Pizza and Ciabatta Strong White Flour (1.5kg). Try Gilchesters Organics unique mix of fine white and double milled semolina for making absolutely delicious Italian breads like Ciabatta and Pizza bases. Suitable for both bread machines and ovens, you will find that this flour rises very well and produces a lovely yellow colour with a good crust once cooked. Organic.
- Granny's Secret 'Ayvar' (300g). 'There is something deliciously comforting about this roasted red pepper spread's vibrant orange, has a sweet, mellow smokiness and tastes remarkably home made and pure...'
Crumbs magazine, March '13

We agree! We tried it as an accompaniment to sauces and pizzas, sandwiches and it works wonders. Ayvar is an ancient Balkan recipe. Red peppers are fire roasted, hand peeled and mixed with garlic and a little oil. Great for people who want nut free, sugar free, gluten free, dairy free. Also free of any additives and Vegetarian.

- Wharfe Valley Rapeseed Oil with Chilli (500ml). Created using the traditional chemical free method of swathing, this rapeseed oil is grown and produced in Whafe Valley Farm in the Yorkshire countryside. This is a very versatile oil, delicious for cooking, on salads and brilliant for baking. Because it can withstand high temperatures during the cooking process, it is an essential oil for all practical cooking.. Rapeseed is high in unsaturated fat and when used as pat of a balanced diet, helps reduce cholesterol.

Add your favourite toppings and enjoy!
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