Revital-Eyes Kale Anti Aging Eye Cream

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Revital-Eyes Kale Anti Aging Eye Cream
Revital-Eyes Kale Anti Aging Eye Cream - 10ml

Organic Kale extract is the key to the groundbreaking formula of Revital Eyes, helping to reduce dark circles and puffiness.

The skin around the eyes is ten times thinner and more delicate than skin anywhere else on the face.  This area is extremely sensitive and often displays the first signs of ageing due to a loss in collagen and elastin; therefore it has specific needs to retain a healthy and smooth appearance.  The skin around our eyes is extraordinarily sensitive to the environment, affected by sun exposure, pollutants, smoking, stress, diet and importantly our overall internal health.  An unhealthy lifestyle results in free radical and toxin build ups which speed the ageing process leaving us with dark circles, wrinkles, crows feet and swelling around the eyes. Now you see why Revital-Eyes is a brilliant find.
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