The Vegan Bundle

A bundle of store cupboard essential for the Vegan or Vegan Wannabee
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The Vegan Bundle
Wharfe Valley Rapeseed Oil with Chilli (500ml). Created using the traditional chemical free method of swathing, this rapeseed oil is grown and produced in Whafe Valley Farm in the Yorkshire countryside. This is a very versatile oil, delicious for cooking, on salads and brilliant for baking. Because it can withstand high temperatures during the cooking process, it is an essential oil for all practical cooking.. Rapeseed is high in unsaturated fat and when used as pat of a balanced diet, helps reduce cholesterol.

Sun and Seed Organic Raw Seed Walnut Butter (250g)
Using the traditional stone milling technique of grinding seeds or nuts creates this healthy walnut spread.  This method ensures that the nutritional benefits contained in the nuts and seeds are preserved and that the spreads are full of taste and flavour, giving you a great alternative to spreads and butter.  This walnut spread is made from fresh unroasted and organic walnuts and is a good source of Omega-3 fatty acids. Winner of 2009 Soil Association Food Award. Judges' comment: "Good quality fresh nuts; simplicity in a bottle. Finger-licking good."

Sun and Seed Sprouted and Raw Organic Buckwheat (250g)
Activated with water and germinated into shoots then dehydrated below 40º to preserve the raw nutritional value.
Soaking and rinsing the seeds with pure water removes the enzyme inhibitors and the seed begins to germinate. All of the resting nutrition in the seed begins to break down into its simplest components: proteins break down into separate amino acids, complex starches and fats break down into simpler carbohydrates. Meanwhile, the plant starts to multiply in its nutrient content, growing into a sprout, getting ready to become a tree or full sized plant. This results in a sprouted food packed with vitamins, minerals and proteins.​​​​​​​

SuperSeed Flaxseed fusilli tastes slightly different compared to traditional pasta, a little bit sweet and wholesome, but still delicious. It is a great source of fiber and has a high protein and mineral content (magnesium, manganese, phosphorus, selenium, zinc).

  • Ultra-low carbohydrate content (29.5 g in 100 g pasta)
  • About 90% lower sugar content compared to conventional pasta, approx. 1g
  • High nutrition content
  • High plant based protein content, 30g in 100g (240% more than conventional pasta)
  • High fiber content, 20g in 100g (600% more than conventional pasta), which promotes healthy bowel movement
  • Low glycemic index and low glycemic load - a slow and over time distributed increase in blood sugar level, therefore highly recommended to diabetics
  • Ideal for losing weight, for diabetics, a ketogenic diet
  • Rich in minerals: magnesium, manganese, phosphorus, selenium, zinc
  • Naturally free of gluten, prolamin, lectins and saponin
  • Certified by Sugar Wise


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